Kathy (Spangler/Wells) Bullis Family

This page is about John C Wells history

This information was supplied by Kathy Wells.
"My husband found your e-mail address at the bottom of a civil war photo of Joseph Wells and as we were reading the bio on him there was just to many similarities and just thought we would e-mail you and see what kind of response we would get. One of those, just never know who is out there and what kind of family stories they have. My curiosity has been going on for many years. There was so many family stories from my Dad and my mothers brothers and sisters over the years that I thought I would do some research and see how many of them fit!!!! They would tell me about them growing up in OK, and how grandma and grandpa owned a livery stable in Coffeyville, KS,(the same one concerning the Dalton, that we can discuss later). After this incident they kept moving west slowly, and settled in Trail, OK Indian Territory at the time, It is in Dewey county in eastern OK. There was 12 kids, 6 boys and 6 girls. We don't know exactly what year that was but my mother was born in 1910 in Trail and she was next to the last child. We have found in our civil war research that Sarah Wells, the (2) John C. Wells wife, filed for Civil War benefits is 1902 in Ok Territory and that (2) John C. Wells is buried in Trail Ok. They must have all left IL about the late 1780's or 90's. Whether they ever owned land or not there I don't know. But after the Ok Dust Bowl they left and migrated to California in 1940. Daddy said they had to go where there was work. There is 5 of us, the oldest 2 born in TX, my oldest brother was born in 1930, my oldest sister born in 1936 in the panhandle of TX, and the rest of us were born in Madera, California. My grandpa John Carter Wells (3) is buried in Trail OK also and my grandmother Melvina is buried in Madera CA, as are my mother and father. Most of my mothers sisters stayed in OK, as did 3 brothers Fred, Joseph (Joe) and John C.(4)we called him Johnny. Mom and Dad and her three other brothers George, Phillip and Jack, with Granny Wells and grandpa and grandma Spangler all left for California.
Below the following pictures Kathy explains who they are and where they were going

Granny Wells

Spangler Wells
On the the Spangler Wells photo is the one I told you about when they left Ok for Ca during the dust bowel. Top picture (L) Melvina Wells (R) Mattie Spangler, second picture to the left, my father in the middle and to his right is Phillip Wells my mothers brother. The next picture to the left is one of my father (on the mule)after they reached Washington(picking apples). The bottom picture, my grandfather Albert Spangler reading the paper, kneeling is my father and Phillip Wells, 2 cousins Lloyd and Roberts Wells, Standing is H. Lane, bother of Ruby Lane wife of George W. Wells one of mothers brothers.
The Granny Wells photo Top left is her and my oldest brother Everett Spangler ( we called him Nugien) bottom left is Granny Wells taken in Ok. Top right is form left to right Joseph (Joe), Phillip, Sylvia, Jack and George Wells. Bottom left, left to right is Pearl, Grace (my mother), Sylvia, Mahulda and Jenny Wells. The pictures of the brothers and sisters were taken in 1951 at my grandmothers funeral. My mother passed away 3 years later in 1954, I was 6 years old.

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