Erie Class Reunion 1999

A few pictures from the July 1999 class reunion are below.

The reunion was held at Connie Campbell's house on 17 July 1999. It was a great reunion with the majority of the class attending. A tent was setup with decorated tables like a wedding. Thanks Connie for all your work and all those that helped you. Just a few comments what I heard and saw. I first met Barbara Cook and Nancy Grogan at Erie. Sorry I can't remember married names. I remember Barbara as quiet with dark hair but now she is a good talking blond. I understand Nancy lives in Oregon or was it Washington. Good to see you also Nancy. Glad you had name tags because I had to use them for several people- Leon Stout, Lowell Sharp, Bob Hill and John Hines. Most of the women I think I knew. Jerry Church is still tall and funny. I can't believe that Lowell still remembered that meaningless poem. Cale Hudson is still the leader and track star but he wasn't having much success with Dr Bob Hill to catch the football. I think we could still make a good size frontline football team with, Larry Showalter, Ron Yockey, Richand Lock, Russell Aikins, John Hines. Richard McGowen still remembers that football he dropped at the 3 yard line after a 80 yard run. Bill Stephens is still a coach and never loss for words. I don't know where he got that lips stuff. Sally helped me remember those good times with her dad at the train station but she didn't remember my dog named Bum. Sarah Wright was the one who had a pony that kicked me in the gut when we were playing cowboys. Dian Murray said I used to tap dance with her and I said noway. Lee Baker and David Harris remember how we threw water balloons on holloween and put an outhouse in the middle of main street. Even some junior class members came to the event, Connie Noland, Sharon Brasier and Nancy Dunham. It was a great event that went too fast. I heard at the next reunion we will all be retired so we should bring trailers to meet at Connie's house.

This was us in 1959 CLASS 59>

This was us in 1999 CLASS 99

Who are these little rascals?

From left to right - Sally Lamb Beebe, Dave Dalton, Sarah Wright, ? ?

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